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Quickly and easily protect your family’s teeth with dental sealants in our office.

Here at Drs. Batten & Heath Family Dentistry, we believe that dental sealants are a great option for protecting dental health. These thin, protective coatings fill in the deep grooves of the chewing surfaces of your molars and protect places it can be hard to clean with a toothbrush. Along with regular brushing and flossing, dental sealants can help prevent cavities, saving you time and money in the long run.

Dental Sealants in Walkertown, North Carolina

One of the best things about dental sealants is that they are very quick and completely painless to apply to your teeth. When you come into our office for dental sealants, we will start by making sure the teeth we are sealing are completely clean and dry. The tooth is then prepared for a sealant with a special gel that roughens the surface a bit, ensuring a good bond between the tooth and the sealant. Then the tooth is dried again and the sealant is applied. A special blue light hardens the sealant quickly.

After you have had dental sealants applied, we will always carefully check them when you come in for your regular cleanings and exams. Dental sealants usually last several years and can be a great investment in your long-term dental health. It will still be important that you regularly brush and floss your teeth to maintain good dental hygiene and health.

If you have more questions about dental sealants or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call today here at our office in Walkertown, North Carolina.

At Drs. Batten & Heath Family Dentistry, we can create dental sealants for residents of Walkertown, Winston-Salem, Belews Creek, Kernersville, Walnut Cove, Stokesdale, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, and Wallburg, North Carolina.